And there is a lot going on, can you be the eye of the storm, can you be the stillness, steadiness a shining example what’s possible?

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Based in New Vexmont, Portland, The Practice is a welcoming and inclusive yoga studio.

A place to come to just as you are.


We're known for our diverse array of classes and great teachers

fresh air

Imagine the sun kissing your skin and the wind blowing through your hair as you flow, stretch, & breathe.

level up!

Special programs to move through an hour of yoga each day, for 15 to 108 days. Join up!

from anywhere

We look forward to meeting you and sharing lots of laughs and down dogs together!

the basics

It’s Never Too Late to Start doing Yoga

why do yoga?
Feel Better
Control Stress
Full Energy
Stay Young

Curious to know what yoga is about? Come learn the basic yoga poses & breath techniques in a friendly, supportive environment. A great place to start!


A modern oasis in the heart of downtown, our state of the art studio is clean, bright and spacious.

We welcome all levels

Premium Water
Infrared Sauna
Modern Showers
Mat & Towel Service
Massage Rooms
Reatail Boutique
Herbal Tea Lounge
Online Booking
our classes

We're known for our diverse array of classes and great teachers

our classes

Are you ready to build a better world from the inside out?


“Yoga is the inquiry into the deep mysteries of sentience; it is the path of and to the Self. Yoga is one of the ways we wake up; it is you, it is me, it is everyone.”

owner / master teacher
people say

“From the moment I walk in, I am completely immersed in a sensory, spiritual and physical experience. The warmth that greets you is supplemented by the amazing classes, the inspiring teachers, the pristine and beautiful studio and off course the immaculate change rooms.”

“Beginners build a solid foundation from their systematic and safe instruction. My every-day yoga practice can be a powerful workout, or a mindful exploration of subtlety and calm. I enjoy classes of different length, focus, and style throughout the day.”

news & resources

What you can control exist inside of you - that’s where the power resides

Know more, go deeper

We really encourage you to come just
are you are.

Picking up from where you left off. Or starting at the very beginning. A safe place to explore your yoga practice, wherever you are in your journey.

A place to enjoy accessible, authentic and inclusive yoga. We have no prerequisites and ask nothing of you but to join us and let the yoga show you why

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